How to fix ps3 flashing red light error under one hour

You tried to on your ps3 or you are in the middle of a game when suddenly your ps3 flashing red light error  and now you might wondering how you could possible to fix it under one hour? But before i reveal you a way that you could possibly doing that, I would like to suggest you to do 3 simple steps that may solved your ps3 flashing red light error immediately or if the problem still persist keep on reading below the three tips that i want to give you right now.

First step: Try to turn off your ps3 for at least 20 minutes as doing this will allow it to cool down,then turn it on again.

Second step: After you have done the step above be sure to check if there have any loose cables

Third step: This step you must done properly and also you must repeat it at least three times.Try to take out your ps3 hard drive and put it back in again.

I hope the above three tips that i just given to you just now works and solve your ps3 flashing red light error  problems however, If these tips still does not work, you can try the other options below:

One of the easiest and also the most common options is to send the ps3 back to Sony for a repair that will required you to spend $150, not to mention the postage charges too as these could due to most of the ps3 consoles encountered this problem after 1 year which is outside warranty period and the bad news that contributed to this problem is you have to wait 4-6 weeks before the repair could be done.Which in my opinion is slow and not efficient solution at all especially if you are a serious gamer.Also remember if you send it for repair to sony your precious data information in ps3 is gone!!!

Apart from this solution that i have shown you above,there are also another way that are free for you to fix your ps3 console by downloading this ps3 red light repair e-book guide by ps3lightsfix which i think in my opinion is better because by doing this you could have your ps3 flashing red light error and the ps3 up and running in under an hour,with the right equipment.

I really recommend this method as it is not only a safe to implement and also it is an easy guide to follow too.But what i really like this guide is that it will teaches you how to fix ps3 flashing red light error without the risk of you to lose your precious data information in your ps3 console.

This ps3 red light repair e-book guide guide by ps3lightsfix  that i have just shown you above has been performed by many gamers that owned ps3 console in the world and also it has been liked by staggering 506 satisfied customers up to this date according to facebook.
Download PS3 Red Light Repair Guide now

I recommend you to download this free ps3 red light repair e-book guide by ps3lightsfix while its still free and i do really hope that you find this blog post useful to you and most importantly you are being able to fix ps3 under one hour with the help from ps3lightsfix repair guide.